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Time for the fin!

The Fanfin – at last more attractive – fan gear for the car.

On the engine hood, on the roof, at the rear – the Fanfin is a real eye-catcher wherever you put it. Printed with a fan motif (e.g. US flag or Union Jack), the Fanfin is a fan item that can be individualized for clubs, sponsors and naturally also for fans.

The Fanfin is held in place by three super-strong magnets, which have been tested by the DEKRA up to withstand speeds up to 180 km/h (111 mph). But even with this strong hold, the Fanfin can be easily removed. The printed special film is UV stable and promises genuine brilliant color. The right thing to show your hand.
Put it on the car. All set. Show your Fanfin.

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Fanfin for clubs and associations

Your own Fanfin design for your own fans – for orders of 50+ pieces!

The Fanfin gets really interesting when the fans turn them into cult objects. On the way to the stadium, in the city, in the parking lots... Fans want to show their colors. That’s why the Fanfin with the club’s emblem MUST be fixed to the car! And it is not just German Bundesliga soccer clubs like Borussia Mönchengladbach who already have their own Fanfin we’re talking about here – with orders starting at just 50 pieces, every club can order their own Fanfin. Does that sound interesting?

Then let’s talk »
P.S.: Because when you see it you’ll love it, the Fanfins are delivered in sales-optimized packaging with a transparent front. From 1,000 pieces, this layout can also be used for delivery to clubs.

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Fanfin for your car fleet

This is the "plan A" for uniform and effective branding of your car fleet.

Honestly, most car wrappings and stickers are unreasonably expensive. Especially if you choose to label your entire car fleet with your CI, you are facing some serious costs. Not to mention that it only works with a really sparking idea.
The Fanfin can be this sparking idea. With your logo applied to it, it will be an eye catcher and guarantee that your image gets the most possible attention. Additionally, the marketing tool “Logo Fanfin” only costs a fraction of what regular car stickers cost, and it is easy to attach and detach. Sounds like a good solution?
Let’s talk about it »

Dear Salesmanager and Distributors,

Are you looking for an extraordinary customized product or products that are distinct from run-of-the-mill items? 

Then it’s time to thrill your costumers with the fanfin. Since her launch during the soccer world championship in 2014 the fanfin has become to one of the leading advertising products in Germany and has obtained a main position on more than thousand of car roofs.

Held by ultra-strong magnets, the Fanfin serves as an advertising medium for companies, associations and (soccer) Supporters.

Another reason to get the Fanfin is because of its flexibility. Customers can design their own Fanfin with advertising messages or the brand of their own company. Since most of FanFin’s production partners reside in Germany, a production within a few days can be guaranteed.


  • Unique new advertising and fan logo medium for all kinds of vehicles
  • Quality product "Made in Germany"
  • Elegant fin design that fits to the aerodynamics of the vehicle
  • DEKRA test seal
  • Hermes Hansecontrol tested "Safe Merchandising Article"
  • 3 super-strong magnets for a secure hold on the car (tested by the DEKRA up to 180 km/h – 111 mph)
  • Weather-resistant, special plastic for residue-free assembly without any damage to the paintwork
  • Robust special film with UV protective film
  • Fanfin is delivered in packaging with a transparent front
  • we highly recommend a maximum speed limit of 100 km/h

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The Fanfin has real cult potential. On the one hand, they really look good. And on the other hand, there are so many varieties of motifs that the Fanfin can be used for a whole range of different things – for sport fans, for parents who are out and about with their kids, for company car fleets...
And the Fanfin always sits perfectly on the vehicle. Three magnets take care of that and hold the shark-fin-like Fanfin securely to the car, even at autobahn speeds of up to 180 km/h (111 mph). That’s been tested by the DEKRA. And it doesn’t matter if the Fanfin is fixed to the engine hood, the roof or to the rear of the car. The magnets also make it possible to remove the Fanfin by hand at any time and place it somewhere else. Today’s fans can have a bit of variety – with the motif they want, where they want it.